Changing email ownership


Hi there, i just recently purchased fontself for illustrator, i bought it with paypal just like most people would do, well what i meant when i bought it is i’m using some kind of paypal services to pay my purchase, the reason is , i don’t have a paypal or any credit card account, the problem is when the services tried to purchase fontself for me, they said that the product can’t be purchased with an unmatched data of paypal (buyer/service i used) with the Order Details on fontself webstie ( ) so we’ve come to some agreement that we’ll use their data instead of mine (email address, firstname, etc)

the question is, can i change the email into my own?


Hi, the Fontself license is personal and should be purchased by the person who uses it. Send us more details about the purchase, your license key and your contact email to


hi franz, thanks for the feedback, i’ve sent all the purchase history, hope i can switch the email ownership from my PP payment services into mine