Edit or replace alternate glyphs?

I’d love the ability to edit / replace alternate glyphs. For example…

I have a few alternates for ‘A’ and ‘A.alt2’ had some overlapping points I removed. When adding the updated alternate, Fontself creates another alternate instead of giving me the option to replace a current glyph. Really frustrating because I can’t preserve all the kerning values for the glyph.

At the moment I’m leaning to FontForge for these sorts of edits, but there’s no bringing it back to Fontself after exporting from FontForge.

Can this feature be added? Does anybody have a workaround for this?


[Note from Fontself team: the app has been updated to support numbered alternate suffix, like A.alt2]

This is indeed a problem that needs a fix :slight_smile: There is no other solution but we are working on a big update of the tool, so just added it to the todo list, and hopefully we can ship this in upcoming weeks.

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That’s great to hear, thank you for your response. Looking forward to the update!

Hey, the Fontself beta that supports numbered alternate suffix like A.alt2 was just sent to you.

Please have a look and keep us posted on how the feature fares on your end. Enjoy!

Hey Franz,

Just checked out the beta and can confirm this feature works great!

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Hello Franz, i experienced the same issue.
I want to replace my alternate glyph but i cannot find a way how to do it without losing the kerning values.

is the update beta can replace alternate glyph?
then how can i get the newest Fontself beta ? I purchased Fontself on Creativemarket…

Please answer, thank you

@rezadesign Beta was just sent to you!

Hey, Franz. I’m still running on fontself 3.1.1 Untitled-fhdf
i can’t see any download prompt to download the latest beta?

what happen Franz?
can you please just send the beta through my email? so i can install it manually
please answer, thanks so much

@rezadesign So the email was already sent, could you check again your inbox and spam box?

Can you email me the latest beta versions as well? Thanks

@Amy The beta on its way to your mail box. If anyone else interested in the beta, please contact us with the email you used to register Fontself on hello@fontself.com