Getting Styles to appear correctly in use


How can i get my styles on my typeface to appear in an order i want? I been playing around testing out this app and i was wondering how can this be done under the Font Infos?

Right now my typeface has 4 styles (Bold, Bold Italic, Bold Stencil, Bold Stencil Italic) Ideal i would prefer they appear in this order with a Medium, Regular and Light weights of these styles above them with working with this typeface.

But it’s displaying as the following Bold Stencil Italic, Bold Stencil, Bold, Bold Italic.

How can it dictate the order?

Hello B.Toth,
that is a good question. I tried it on my Macintosh, there I found, that ‘regular’, ‘bold’, and so on are reserved words, which have a fixed order. Own terms are displayed alphabetically.


Ya I been having the same issue. There’s got to be a better way to have these fonts appear more practical. In other apps like RoboFont or Glyphs your able to set this, but i don’t see where I can control this in FontSelf

As far as I can see, the settings in Fontself are (still) limited. I hope that Franz will put it on his wish list :slight_smile:

With you can change the order of a family

open your font in FF and go to Element > Font Info