Latin Additional Extended Support

It is my first time using Fontself to create fonts, I wonder if FontSelf supports Latin Additional Extended, I want to create a font that supports Vietnamese, whose glyphs are in that section, and if yes, can you tell me where to access and make the Latin Additional Extended glyphs?

I think they only support latin-based languages for now. Not sure if you can do Vietnamese characters in it.

Umm…Vietnamese is a latin-based language, right?

Ugh, I’m sorry. You’re so right. I thought it was characters.

In that case - I hope this maybe helps answer your question. If you open the Fontself Extension and then the font template, it shows a basic list of supported characters, but I’m not sure if every character you’ll need is in there.

You may also just want to look up a character map of Vietnamese and copy and paste the characters into a document somewhere to have them handy (if they’re not on the advanced list). In the app, you have to individually label each glyph, and I found copying and pasting from one source to be the most effective way. I made myself a master list of characters I was using in an Illustrator document so I didn’t have to type them out/search for them every time. It came in handy for testing my font as well, because it would clearly highlight which characters I was missing (they’d appear as the original font style).

Someone in another forum created this character list which looks to be complete for Fontself but maybe not what you’re looking for.

Ok, so that’s how you add glyphs on the Fontself Extension, what about on the “Fontself for iPad”, how do you add it then?

I haven’t used it, but I know you can draw directly into the app. But if you’re creating the glyphs elsewhere, I’m not sure if there’s also an option to drag them in from illustrator.