Uppercase and Lowercase Pairing


I will be creating a font that will not have both upper and lowercase.
It’s all only an Uppercase font.
With that said, how do I keep the same kernings for the many different pairs that I set up?

The assigned “a” is also “A” and so forth. So if I paired “A” and “Y” together. I want that to also translate with “a” and “y.”
So that means, I want the kerning to be the same for both upper and lower pairs! So I don’t have to set the same exact parameters 2 times!

Is this possible?

Also, I will have to customize every pairing option here. That’s a ridiculous amount of pairs.
What is rule of thumb here? Do you have to do every single pair or is there a “common pairings” guide that I can use? Will I really have to set the parameters for 700 different pairs?

Thanks for your thoughts!


Hi, we are actually about to ship a new beta version that automatically solves this pain by doing all the hard work for you, without anything else to do that just work on your single case.

So stay tuned for an early look :slight_smile:


Wow that’s great. When will this be available? I was thinking this morning that maybe the A-Z could be duplicated somehow too? And just renamed a-z?

Thanks for the info!


So the new Fontself beta that automatically generates the missing case was just sent to you. This means no need to mess with glyph duplication or copy/pasting kerning values.

If your font includes absolutely no character from the other case (upper or lower), upon Save and Install, all the glyphs in your font will be mapped to the same characters of the opposite case.

This will also map alternates, ligatures, kerning pairs & kerning groups. So you really have NOTHING ELSE to do to support single-case fonts. How cool is that? :slight_smile:

Please keep us posted on how the features fares on your end. Enjoy!


Awesome! I just learned that I WILL need to do alternate letters so the upper and lowercase will still be used. So I’ll keep moving forward. I’ll probably have more questions! Haha. Thanks for your help.