Windind Directions

So I’m trying to upload a font on myfonts platform but I keep receiving this message:

“To ensure proper functionality for customers, the paths in your glyphs must have correct winding directions. Wrong path directions can mess up counters. Paths need to be oriented counter-clockwise, counters need to be oriented clockwise.”

Does anyone knows how to correct this?

Hello fvnetu,

I haven’t heard about the problem. Reversing the path direction in AI is easy:
(A) The path has the normal direction, which can be seen for example with the text on the path.
(B) The copy of the path was marked…
© Object > Path > Reverse Path Direction reversed.
See picture.

In the internet I found a long conservation to your topic with another program. I don’t know if it’ll help you. See under

Good luck, J.

Thank you very much! I will try this solution and see if it works