2 issues visual and fontself


I have 2 issues that Id like help with. I have uploaded the images to illustrate.

The bigger image with the characters such as the brackets is causing a difficulty. When I select the characters in this case the square corner brackets I need them to stay in the position their in as when I drag and drop or use batch feature. I still cannot get the bracket to be above and below the lines. Bottom below descender and above ascender. Any clues?

Last image is the smaller one. When i drag and drop or use batch feature I noticed that my letters are outlined as they should in Illustrator. But in FONTSELF its not showing correctly in regards to quiet a few characters. The sample is shown how in FONTSELF what it looks like.
Any suggestions?


Hi if you enlarge the bracket in fontself with the double headed arrows then move the posotion equal above and below the line. You also need to name the icons etc. Squarevbracket to link with the keyboard you can do this by clicking on the Orange box below the imported characters. Dont know if you have tried this already Hope this help

The square brackets are not meant to be sitting on the baseline, as they are not sitting on the baseline in the page in illustrator. How can I copy the brackets over into FONTSELF and have them sitting the right way. Below and above the ascender and descender lines? Naming the characters at this point is not the concern. Just getting the characters the way id like to have them.

You can hold the mouse pinter left click and hold down and drag the bracket up or down on the lines, if you enlarge the bracket first it allows you to see better when moving to the cirrect position.

Ok, so here’s a couple solutions: