A few really helpful timesavers

Hey everyone,

I’m sure you all have your own methods and resources for the following, but I just wanted to share these with you all in the hope you find them useful.

Having on a few various fonts over the years and always found creating accurate kerning pairs a bit of an issue; in that I always seemed to miss out a few. To help with that I created a few documents that contain all the combinations of characters in lowercase, uppercase and sentence case, as well as the basic punctuation marks. Just copy the required lower, upper or sentence case glyphs you want to work with into the FontSelf Kerning Pad and kern until you’re happy, knowing all the letter combinations are there to test.

I’ve also shared a document that has quite a few of the main non-English diacritic characters. I find this really useful to lay my glyphs out in the order they appear in the attached diacritic pdf, then you can just copy and paste the line of diacritics from the pdf into the FontSelf ‘create glyph’ bar. They are all separated by commas and no superfluous spaces so FontSelf reads them as individual glyphs.

So what’s here is:
Twinbrush-Diacritics-Helper.pdf Contains most of the standard non-English foreign characters.
Twinbrush-KerningPad-Helper A document that contains all letter combinations in lowercase, uppercase and sentence case, as well as standard basic punctuation.

Hope these help :slight_smile:

Twinbrush-Diacritics-Helper.pdf (108.8 KB)Twinbrush-FontSelf-KerningPad-Helper.pdf (117.6 KB)


Thanks for your pdf-files.

I did something simular sometimes ago: https://www.computergrafik-know-how.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/A048-FD-European_Special_Characters_opt.pdf

– j.


That’s a wonderful resource, thank you!
Love the character sets by language, very useful indeed. :smiley:

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