A new Bug detected


Hello fontself team,
I detected a new(?) bug.
Kerning of some characters doesn’t display in the preview area.
I did know this respective to alternates.
But this one is new for me.
So I just re-installed the previous 3.0.1 version. The same.

But you know, what’s really bad?
The saved font doesn’t show the right kerning value too! :frowning:
This is a screenshot of InDesign.

The “P should be more separated just like the ‘P.
Aaand: ‘ and “ are gouped together in fontself!?!

Please take a look at this.



And another one:

Replacing characters doesn’t preserve the spacing any more.

Left side: before replacing. Right side after.

The kerning keeps preserved.

Friendly Greetz


Thanks, we’ve been lagging behind schedule and it will take us some time to catch up with such issue, but as soon as we can replicate them and identify the issues, we’ll ping you back to test a fix.


Hey @Hybi,
Thanks for your feedbacks always accurate :wink:
Could you send me your font (with this issue of kerning) right from the chat bubble inside Fontself Maker extension?


Hey Mohamed,
I’m not aware, if you refer to the 1st or to the 2nd post of me.
But I have to tell you, I deleted the wohle kerning of this font and startet completele new from zero :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So there’s nothing, I could send you to show the problem.

There might have been some trouble with kerning groups and exceptions which have lead to the chaos.
Indeed, I can’t exclude some chaos within by own brain completely :wink:

What I can say about replacing characters (as far as I can remember):
Replacing one single character by typing its name into the “Type any character” bar preserves it’s metrics.
But replacing few characters by “Batch-ing” them and naming them afterwards leads to the loss of their metrics.

I hope this will help!

Best regards and friendly greetz