Advice for a display font

Hi All,
I’m new to Fontself but have a long time interest in typography especially what are usually called Display fonts. A little background should explain that.
My family has been in signwriting for generations and I started second-coating my father’s work when I was 12 years old, some 57 years ago. My father was well known for his craftsmanship in his native city and his work has been shown in a few books on the craft.
I have samples of three letters he did on card in a style he was most famous for. About seven years ago I started drawing vector based versions based on these. It has gone through various manifestations off and on over the seven years. Recently I decided I had to finish it and Fontself seemed to me the best option for sharing it with the world as a tribute to my father.
At this stage, having drawn all the characters and some glyphs, I am looking for general feedback, and I have some questions.
My idea would be to create a font, all caps, with the options of glyphs which include a “return” 3d element with shading and also a cast shadow as in the 3 sample A’s shown here.
Is this a good way to go?
Should I use colour?
If I use colour will prospective users be able to change colours to suit their projects?
All feedback is welcome. My father’s samples are the E, S & T.
Sorry for being a longwinded first time poster and my unconventional terms.
p.s. Just discovered new users can upload only one image