Alternates not working correctly

when i go to a select an alternate the glyph does change but not to the selected alternate. any idea why this might be?

with fontself maker do you use? FS for AI oder PSD?
In which program and operations system does the alternative don’t work?
A screenshot can be helpful as well.

I’m no longer having the issue after deleting font from fontself folder/fontbook and reinstalling…

FS for AI.

Is it possible that it was glitching after having been installed via fontself, and then again after manually installing the OTF… like some sort of data overlap or something?

hard to say. when in trouble, just do a reload Fontself. Flyout menu in Fontself “Reload”. This helps me when I have problems. I think it’s more of a memory problem in AI than FS.

right. that would make sense. thanks.