Alternates used in cursive for last letter

Hi! I’m new to Fontself/Adobe. I don’t think I saw this topic or I’m just not familiar with terminology.

Is there a way to use an alternate only if the letter occurs at the end of a sentence?

I don’t know if that’s clear. I’ll put an example pic.!


Hi, for this purpose, I would create a ligature of the letter and a dot.


I think what you are saying is “Positional Alternates”. I’m not sure if it is supported by Fontself.

Fontself does not support contextual ligatures yet. We hope to bring them in the future but working on some other time savers first :wink:

Hi Franz,

latest version 3.4.0 is working absolutely properly here.
So, no updates recently is no problem for me!
But I’m curious what you will bring us next :astonished:

Hybi :wave: