Alternative glyph don't shown in text, when not installed in OSX

Hello again
I have a problem testing a new font. I create a font (Fonstelf 3.5.0) with character “a” and an alternative “a.alt” glyphs. I installed the new font just local for/in Adobe Illustrator CC 2020. In the window “Glyphes” I can see my alternative characters. But when I enter a text with the text tool, I only get “a” instead of “a.alt” which I selected in window “Glyphes”. I save my document.

After install the font with font book in the OSX 10.14.6 I can use and see “a.alt”. Funny fact: After installing the font and re-open document, the “a.alt”, which was typed before, is shown.

So I guess there is a bug with the local installing, isn’t it?

If restarting Illustrator solves the issues, the bug might be there :slight_smile: It happens quite often that updated fonts will not show up in their latest version, due to some font caching, and only an AI restart solves that.

Unfortunately not something we can fix at Fontself, but you can file a bug report on

Hello Franz,
thanks for you fast answer. I put the problem to Adobe.

I noticed, that the problem only will shown up, when the font is still local installed. I new font with alternative glyph works fine.