Amateur Alert! Ligature Assistance

I am in the process of creating my first font, so I am super annoying and ignorant when it comes to most things related to fonts. With that said, I am interested in making sure that I have ligatures included in my font that are “standard”. Is there such a thing as ligatures that occur most frequently, and if so, which ones should I be sure to include? I know some ligatures will be subjective, but surely there are “most common” ones, right?

And if this is a really dumb question, I was just kidding.

Thanks for your help!

The most common ligatures are ff fi fl ffi ffl and less frequently ſt st - but the amount of ligatures can indeed vary a lot based on the design of a typeface and the creative intentions of its designer.

For instance, the font Fira Code includes many ligatures for coding purposes:

To learn more about making ligatures in Fontself just check