Another Style: Finescript

Hello fontlovers,
I’ve added another style to my “Hybi5” font family :grinning:
The “Hybi5 Finescript”

Hoping you love it like I do :two_hearts:

Please feel free to see more at my HP:

Myfonts did allready include my new baby :sunglasses:

My thanks goes to the whole Fontself team
for providing us with such a great tool!

Best wishes to all of you

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Hi Hybi,

When creating your joint font did you have to create tonnes of standard ligatures for the joins. I’m not sure what way to go about creating my joined writing. For instance lets say I want to create a ligature of ab and ba.
But when I type aba it should automatically join as per my ligatures because I have created both the ab and ba.
But standard ligatures doesn’t do this. How did you overcome this?

Hi maswatson,

yes, every ligature has to be created by it’s own.
Means, a ligature for “ab” and one for “ba” doesn’t result to have an “aba” ligature.
So you better should take care to have pretty joins by standard as much as ever possible.

Friendly Greetz

Thanks for your prompt response Hybi. The font you created is very nice by the way.

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to create so many ligatures unnecessarily. It should really recognise common data between the ligatures, an ab and ba should trigger aba. Surely other font creators haven’t had to go to that much trouble.

Hi maswatson,

well, I don’t know very much about other font creators.
But I can’t imagine, they could manage this problem.

Here is a screenshot of the whole characterset of my new font.
As you see, there’s not sooo much ligatures, as you may think.

But there’s another problem:
Having an “Eb” ligature doesn’t mean to have ligatures for “Éb”, “Èb”, “Ëb”, “Êb”, and so on …
I would have to create them all manually. Well, I didn’t.

This is - afaik - what an app like GLYPHS could manage much more comfortable.
Too sad, I can’t afford this :frowning:

Friendly Greetz

Thank you very much Hybi in your efforts to try to help me, I really appreciate that.

To increase my visibility I went to Behance today :smiley:
Hybi at Behance

Please wish me luck!
Even a little success would be a huge improvement :expressionless:

Friendly Greetz