Automatic conversion to shape and disappearing elements in 3.5.1?

Hi everyone.

I updated to from 3.4 to 3.5.1 yesterday and I am having some issues. Did anything change that I missed or are these two bugs?

When I import a path character it converts it to a shape afterwards which is very annoying if you want to adjust it later and not something you can reverse in Illustrator. The layer still says “Path”, but it turns it to a shape just like when you would do “Expand Appearance”.

When I drag the letter “i” into the app it doesn’t import the dot. In fact it deletes the dot completely from my document!

Am I missing something?

Hi, the path outlining isn’t new, as it started in 2.0 and is required as fonts don’t have any stroke weights.

As for the missing dot, can you try the following :

Hi Franz.

Thanks for the quick reply. This conversion is new to me. In fact all the characters I have imported with 3.4 are still paths. Only a few have changed. Thos are the ones I imported with 3.5.1. This means I can’t easily adjust their design anymore after I imported them in Fontself?

I tried the steps in the link you provided including “Remove Redundant Points”. If I do “Unite” paths then it removes the dot and creates some very weird shape. If I try the flatten method it just creates a shape like when I would “expand”. When I import it then it doesn’t recognise as the layer gets renamed to “group”. This would mean I would have to rename each one to the correct letter before importing. For a Latin alphabet that might seem ok, but i am creating an Ethiopic font with over 300 characters and many have “floating” parts.

I honestly had no issues with 3.4, this is totally new to me. And I found out after I imported some Latin characters and saved and closed my file which means I cant go back to having them in “path” form.

Any thoughts?



Ok it sounds that your issues are in the Illustrator document and not in Fontself, correct? Do you have older copies of the AI file as backup to retrieve the original shapes and could you send the malfunctioning shapes in an AI file to

Not sure. I haven’t updated AI, but I did update Fontself and thats when the issues started.

I will email them to you now.

Thanks a bunch!