Bad line-height

Hello !

That’s my first font I create with the awesome Fontself extension.
I have an issue with line-height as you can see down here :

Can you tell me how to solve this ?

Thanks !

Hello Davy,

Did you use guides as suggested in the following article?


Thanks for your answer.
For the moment, I only used the baseline guide. I kept selecting the baseline guide for every glyph I imported.

When you say " Ascender, capHeight, xHeight & descender only need to be set once per font., can I easily doing it for all my fonts or do I have to reimport each glyph with the 3 guides (baseline, ascencer, descender) ? Is there a way to do it once for all ?

thanks !

Hi Davy, this may happen in some apps (is this MS Word?) when the glyphs are larger than the underlying bounding box, so just press the Scale - button in Fontself Maker to scale them a bit.

As for the guide, you only need to use them all once (these are font-related values, not for each glyph), but you can still use the baseline guide to precisely set the baseline of all glyphs.

And FYI baseline position can be tricky too in various app like Adobe’s:

Oh yeah, it works with the 3 guides !

Indeed, importing one glyph with the 3 guides set the height for the full font. It’s magical :slight_smile:
And I still import other glyphs with the baseline to align them precisely and it works like a charm !