Batch Import from opened documents and Size Warning

Is there any possibility to batch import all opened documents to fontself with one click? (Color Bitmap Font). If not, that option would be great for further updates. Also even I decrease the size of my letter renders (Down to 600 px) program freezes due to limits as Franz mentioned to my previous question. It would be great to throw a warning if the size exceeds before trying to export. Or it’d be even better if the overall size limit would increase a bit more.
Otherwise I’m quiet satistied with the software and want to thank you.
Best Regards.

Hi Mehmets.
I never create more than one file for letters in AI or PS. But for PS, there is a way to solve the problem:
( A ) Select all letters (files of letters) and drag them into an empty PS-File. For each letter you have to hit . The letters will lay one top each other. But you can see them in the WINDOWS > LAYERS.
( B ) Select all letters by clicking on them in LAYERS or by select all in the document.
( C ) Drag all letters into Fontself Maker.
The result will show you all letters in Fontself.

Good luck,
– j.

Ah thank you, that saved a lot of time!
Thanks for the quick response.
Have a great day