Batch loading Cyrillic letters

Is it possible to batch load Cyrillic letters in the same way that you can with A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and Batch?
I have the characters finished as vectors and would ideally like to circumvent having to do each character individually.


Sure, there’s a couple different ways, have a look at the instructions in the Font Template below and on Smart Batch:

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Thank you, Franz,
I had a font to load up today and although not Russian used the Create Glyph button and the comma-separated characters to load 21 punctuation marks. Doing this way will save a load of time and now I am familiar with the process will follow the same technique to load Cyrillic letters.

Would I be correct in saying that the same technique would work for Japanese characters?
I designed a font that was A-Z and also the Katakana characters. If I were to type the Katakana and comma-separate them, would I be able to use the Create Glyph option?

Paul Nicholson

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Yes, this will work with any Unicode character :wink:

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Hi Franz,
Thank you for your help.
Since your reply, I have created Japanese and Russian typefaces which are now being used by my clients.
The batch loading ‘Create Glyph’ works a treat and used in conjunction with the character map in Windows, allows any letter or symbol to be added.

Paul Nicholson.

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thanks for the awesome information.