Best Workflow to test your font in InDesign?

Hi - I’m using Fontself for the first time and looking for some workflow tips.

What are the best ways to troubleshoot a font?

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Hello Domus and welcome to this forum.

I did a lot of fonts so far, black and color once. I test most in Illustrator, if all glyphes look good and can I type them with the correct name (key). Ligatures and alternatives are nearly the same like normal glyphes. That’s it.

A good workflow is to have a text or a sample of all glyphs, as can be found in the template in Fontself Maker, and use it with your new font.

If you will find any problems, tell us here, with screenshot. :slight_smile: you are welcome.

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Thanks urs7000. I’ve managed to design letters, numbers, punctuation and ligatures that I like. For the most part, I’m happy with the way they look in headline structures. I’d like to share the font with others but before I do so, I was hoping to get some tips from the fontself community on “finishing touches” or proactive “trouble shooting”.


Font testing is a topic in itself. On the one hand, we have the technical stuff: are all the glyphs there, does each have the right name, do the spacing, the ascenders and descenders match, and so on. On the other hand we have the design aspect. If the font runs well, there are unexpected gaps or combinations of letters that are too tight. You can already see and check a lot in Fontself (-> Advanced). Otherwise you can create test texts that highlight special problems such as ligatures, kerning, etc. in InDesign, Word and, if possible, in macOS and Windows 10 if you want to pass on the font.

An interesting article about this:


Thanks very much. I appreciate your help.

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