Bitmap font wont align to guide

Hi All,
I have lined up all my letters, numbers, punctuation to the guide and selected the letters and the guide and hit [a-z] button but they are not aligning in fontself. See how the Q is in the wrong spot and most other letters are also.

I have checked that the guide is not locked and have the newest version of both fontself and photoshop
Any ideas?

I tried a few letters from DejaVu Sans and can’t understand your problem. I use Photoshop CC on macOS 10.14.6.

Maybe there are some pixels (dirt) in the layers of the letter, which makes your letters not aligned correctly.

Hey, just tried on your source file and the result is aligned, so not sure what could happen in Photoshop to prevent using the guide as a reference. Did you try restarting PS to see if it works better on a clean state?