Bitmap Fonts exports for PixiJS ( .png + .fnt )


I need to create bitmap fonts for further use in Pixijs that requires a .png and a .fnt file.
I can’t figure out how to convert this .otf exported by fontself. Some bitmap fonts softwares that I tried require .ttf font files and I can’t seem to convert it into .ttf either. I tried the website you recommended (Font Squirrel) but it doesn’t work. The glyphs are not displaying. Although I can see them in photoshop, the .otf can’t be read by other softs.

Hello artofshada and welcome.

PixiJS ( ) is a Javascript library. So I don’t know why you need the letters as .png files.

I found the following on the web:

In the article, a custom font is used as .ttf. Therefore, it must also be possible to use the .otf created by Fontself Maker.
On my website I have integrated my own created fonts without any problems (without animation).

For converting .otf to .ttf, please try

Best regards, Jens.

Hi, Fontself only exports OTF files, and OTF color/bitmap fonts are usually not supported by font conversion tools, so you’ll have to search for a custom solution…