Blank Extension after installation help


I have purchased and installed Fontself Maker. I have followed all instructions but the extension screen is still empty when launching the program. I have Adobe Illustrator 25.3.
I have McAfee Fire wall. I have changed the setting of node.js as per instructions. Still not working. I have tried to look into Windows firewall but the files node.js are not there. What else can I do?
Can someone help?

Hello Sbencini.

Currently Fontself Maker does not run with Adobe Illustrator 25.3 because Adobe has changed something. As an emergency solution, you can install an older version of Illustrator (version 24.3) in the Adobe Creative Cloud programme. Fontself Maker runs there without problems. Illustrator 25 and 24 have the same file format, so switching back and forth between the two programmes is no problem. – An adaptation of Fontself Maker for Adobe Illustrator 25.3 is currently being worked on.

Have a nice Sunday, Jens.

Thank you, I was confused for some moments

have you installed the new version of Fontself 3.5.6 yet?