Blurry characters problem

Hello everyone,

I have been using FontSelf for a few weeks in order to carry out a typography project which aims to be found on the web, more particularly in software.

I have currently made all of my characters, but I have been pulling my hair out for 1 week on the export of the latter.
The problem is the following: after working with Vector, I have an anti-aliasing problem on my font.
The top of my letters are blurry, on rounded letters, I understand that there is a slight aliasing, but on very straight letters, I don’t understand, I try to use the so-called “Pixel Perfect” technique " realize my characters on a pixel grid.
I tried everything to fix this problem, but nothing worked.

I am sending you some photos of the project so that you can better understand my concern.

Hoping to find someone who had the same problem as me to help me solve it.

Good for you,

Facing similar issues in the latest FontSelf 3.5.8 and look at what my glyphs look like when scaled up (at high fons sizes …)

They look jagged and not crisp …

I am no expert on typography, but might the problem by @nnperrin be a problem with ‘hinting’?

As I see it, also straight letters will get anti-aliasing because it will almost never happen that the side of a runs perfectly along the border between two pixels. Hinting helps steering the computer to nudge the edge of a letter towards the border between to pixels. I do not think FontSelf allows for hinting.

But please, correct me if I am wrong!

Is that how it looks when you save and use the font? How it appears in the editor may not be the same. Remember that Illustrator also messes with aliasing and still, after decades, doesn’t do a great job.