Bugs on the latest update


I’ve just updated to the 3.3.0 version, and it looks a lot more unstable compared to the last one. It’s only my second complete font, but I haven’t experience the following with the first one.

  • Importing my vector letters [Illlustrator CC 2017] was already a problem, only the Batch button worked properly. All the letters are in compound paths, named correctly at the layer panel. At first I’ve tried to import all the caps with the ABC button, but it only took the english alphabet, and messed up the buttons. I’ve tried the same with the numbers, and it’s also got messed up. Then I’ve tried it with the Batch, it finally worked, so I also added everything like this. I know I can still get the job done that way, but I’m a bit confused, how exactly I’m supposed to do it.

  • Spacing values are automaticly changing 1 or 2 after I type what I want. The default value is 50 at the sides, I was trying to make them 25, but it always ended up being 24 or 26, or 27, and even if I corrected it immidiatelly, I had to do it at least two or three times till the program finally took it, but after all, it got messed up again by no reason.

  • Setting up kerning pairs is almost impossible now. The previous version also slowed down after a good amount of pairs, but right now, I was going to set up the first one, and It’s already like broken. I have a solid hardware, so it’s got to be something else, maybe Illustrator version, or I don’t know about a memory cleaning option, or stuff like this. Any tips?

Thanks for the help!

I don’t have all these problem except kerning. After 1000+ Pairs, it slows down a lot. :frowning:

  • So the ABC button only works with the 26 Latin alphabet letters, you must use Batch to import any other set of characters. We recommend to check the Smart Batch to speed up your flow: https://help.fontself.com/en/articles/889331-create-accents-symbols-punctuation
  • Spacing values are rounded numbers but glyph shapes have fractional width, say the shape has a 24.7 width the displayed width is set to 25, which can cause a difference in 1 unit when you enter spacing values.
  • As for the apparent slowing down of the extension, it’s best to restart the computer when this happens: there is a memory bug in the CEP extension platform in AI & PS, and Adobe should fix it in CC 2020 so hopefully this will get better after the update.