Can Fontself do this?

Hi all. There is no demo version, so before I buy, I’d just like to confirm that fontself can convert the following to a font.


Basically, I want to convert the top row into one font (each circle should be a separate glyph) and the bottom row into another font.

Note that each circle contains several shapes. That’s what makes me wonder if fontself will recognise each circle as a single glyph or not.

Also, I don’t want to have to drag each circle one at a time, since I have hundreds of them and I don’t want to do each one manually. I want to drag and drop the whole set, and have each circle assigned to a glyph.

Thank you all kindly for you help!

Hello Meadow,
yes, you can transfer your signs into letters.
Just make a group of all elements, that shall belong to one single letter.

You can’t probably convert ALL of our signs in one step,
but you can convert alls sings, that are resising within ONE LINE in your Illu file.
You could name the sings in the layers palette, this will be recognised by fontself.
Or – what I prefer – you create a textfile, containing the exact ammount of sings in the right order, separated by commas.

So, let’s say, the first line of your sings shall be dedicated to ABC…
You will copy-and-paste the following into the top line of the fontself window:
A,B,C, …
a,b,c, …
then 1,2,3, …

You name it? :wink:

Friendly greetz

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Thank you Hybi, I appreciate your reply.