Cannot create open/closed quotes

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The only post I could find on this topic was about 2 years old, so apologies because I know this is a repeat, but I still cannot fix my problem. I am having trouble creating open and closed quotations in Illustrator. I tried disabling Smart Quotes and that didn’t help. For some reason Fontself can only create the open quotes and reads the closed quotes as the same thing. I also tried adding in both open and closed quotes, then deleting the open ones to see if closed quotes remained.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, it sounds like you assigned the straight quotes " - which is a unique glyph to open and close quotes - when you would actually need to assign both curly quotes and . Check details here:

If that doesn’t help, just post a screenshot of the quotes your created in the Fontself interface.


I’m facing the same issue. If you have figured out something then, please help.

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Hello ayushnaresh, welcome to this forum.

I did not quite understand the problem, but when it comes to creating the different inverted commas and other special characters and naming them in Window > Layers, there is a simple trick.

(A) Call up the flyout menu in Fontself Maker and
(B) select the item FONT TEMPLATE.

© In the new document release the layer SELECTABLE CHARACTERS and
(D) copy the Latin characters or the required selection of these characters into your normal Illustrator document.

(E) With the text tool select the quote you need and copy it with cmd-c or ctrl-c.
(F) select the quote you created and
(G) double click the name in Layers.
(H) Paste the (text) quote with cmd-v or ctrl-v into the name and
(I) click on OK.

Repeat step E to I for all your quotes and special characters.

When you drag them into the windows of fontself you will get your characters with the right names to it:

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Thank you for your reply. What I’m trying to ask is if I can create a font without having straight quotes and just having curly quotes as default?

If yes, can you help me with that as I’m not able to do that?

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unfortunately this is not possible, because there is only the even inverted comma for above " and none for below. So you have to create the non-straight quotes with their names/key assignments. Which inverted comma is used for writing is set in the software. Usually the straight inverted comma before a word is replaced by the non-straight one at the bottom and after the word by the non-straight one at the top.

Greeting Jens

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@urs7000 - Just chiming in here as I also have the same issue. I think I understand your response, but do you think there is anyway future upgrades of this extension could have this feature? Most fonts I purchase automatically use different marks for before and after a word, and I think it looks unprofessional to default to straight marks, so as a result I would not want to use fontself or recommend it. Surly there is a way, since most other font’s have this feature? I did managed to copy and paste the curly quote marks and apply them to glyphs, but fontself is still defaulting to straight quotes. Thanks in advance for your assistance.