Can't get my colour font to appear in Powerpoint font list!

Hi all,

I’ve made a coloured font for a client to use in their Powerpoint presentations.

I can get the font to render in Adobe and Apple apps, but it won’t appear in the list for Office apps at all.

Any help would be much appreciated.

BTW, I’m using a Mac.

Hello and welcome to this forum

I have no problem to use a colour font in PowerPoint. See screenshots.

Did you placed your font in the font book?

In the zip-archiv you will find me font and ppt-file.

If you like, I can check your font.

– j. (1.7 MB)

Thanks so much for taking a look – some colour fonts appear to work okay, but this one just won’t appear in the list.

I’m not allowed to upload the file as a new usr on this forum, but you can download it here:

I’d really appreciate any help!

Thanks for the file to test. But I found no problem, see screenshot.

do you know
that is a software to optimise your macos including the font caches.
perhabs that will help.

– j.