Cant import to Fontself too many points in vector


I have designed a font that uses over 1000 points in each character.
If I use the Object> Path> Simplify
It completely destroys my design.
Any suggestions on how to make it so it can be imported in fontself?

PS I also have trimmed and merged everything I could in each character.


Hi Saba,
Your best bet is to invest in a very good plugin for illustrator call Vector FirstAid by Astute Graphics which will remove all unnecessary nodes without changing the shape of the font you have so it becomes manageable for Fontself to create a clean font.


Thank you very much.


You are very welcome. Time to time Astute Graphics runs an awesome sale, sign up for their newsletter, you will receive info on their special sale. I own entire set of Astute Graphics Plugins for Illustrator. A real timesaver.