CCITT-1 and CCITT-2 as free font

Cipher (symbol font) for print, web and e-books
CCITT-1.otf and CCITT-2.otf(Version 1.0)

My “cipher” teletype code is a conversion of the Baudot code (CCITT-1) and Murray code (CCITT-2) as a free font (OFL). The two 5-bit codes are the ancestors of the computer codes ASCII to UNICODE. CCITT-2 was the standard for telexes, which were later replaced by fax and e-mail.

• The “Regular” style displays only the encoded letters and numbers.
• The “Bold” style displays the corresponding letters from the Latin alphabet below the encoded letters (plain text).
• This way you can quickly check the content of the message by switching between “Regular” and “Bold”.

More information and download: