Change sidebearings for multiple glyphs at once

Is there a way to change the sidebearings for multiple glyphs at once?

You could simply do it within Adobe Illustrator’s Symbol changes. It’s been a while I don’t use the Symbol feature, but used it a lot ages ago, specially with illustrated maps.

Thank you for the response.

I’m not sure if I understand how this could be accomplished in Illustrator with symbols.

What I was hoping to edit were the left and right side bearings found in the Advanced settings of the FontSelf extension window.

Do you mean manually one by one? 'Cos you could do it in one click with Smart Spacing.

Thank you.
My understanding of Smart Spacing is that FontSelf automatically spaces the entire typeface for you. Is that correct?
I was hoping to, for example, select certain (but not all) glyphs and add 5 units each to the left and right side bearings. I can do this manually, but it’s laborious—I wondered if there was a way to select the glyphs I want to add to the side bearings and input “+5” once and have it applies to the selected glyphs.