Changed font to black accidently want to chage back

There was a warning just when I finished adjusting my font. I pressed and it said blah, blah convert to black. Sorry don’t remember all the wording. Now my wonderful letters are a bunch of black shapes.
How can I change them back, I can’t find a GO BACK or REDO button or option anywhere?
Obviously I’m a novice user, first time. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Frank

Hello Frank.
Sorry to tell, but there is no way back, so far. But it’s not complicated to create a new font and drag the letters in again.
Especially if as many letters as possible are on a baseline and the letters in the “Layers” window already have the appropriate names. good luck.


I didn’t save it, and then reopened it to get it back. After following the instructions in a youtube video, each letter was left with a frame around it, creating a square box that was filled in black.
Since I’ve gone back and removed the background and reinstalled each into the program. I will not convert them to black for fear of it happening again.

Not saving the original file is not a good idea. I save my .ai file as a new version after every major change. Then I can fall back to an older file in case of problems. This saves time and trouble.

I ended up renaming the file, and opened one up then chose to convert the glyphs to black after I had removed the frame around each, and now all is fine.


Greetings, Jens