Changing baseline

Hello. Is it possible to change the baseline for all characters without re-importing them again?

I have a few hundred glyphs, but I want to move the baseline. The way I understand is: I have to change the baseline guide line on the AI file first, then reimport the glyphs into Fontself.

Is there another way where I don’t have to manually import all characters again? Like a way to select all existing imported characters, and then bulk set the baseline metric?

Thank you for your help.


As far as I know, you can only slice one glyph up or down in Fontself at a time. Here in my example, I opened glyph A with a double-click and then changed the value of Buttom from 0 to 100. I would then have to do this manually with all the others. Therefore, changing the glyphs in Illustrator and replacing them in the existing font is faster. Of course, the prerequisite is that all glyphs in the Layers window already have the correct name.

Good luck
– j.

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Thank you very much for your reply J.

I don’t know if FontSelf is still being developed, or if the developers read this forum, but if they do, I would like to suggest this feature for a future release. I noticed from this page:

that there is a way to universally change spacing for letters all at once. If a similar option for baseline could be added, that would be fantastic.

Thank you.

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