Color fonts like layers

hi I search a workflow with Fontself to do this:

here the font example:

Font Copyright CatFont Peter Wiegel.


the font is only an example.for an other project…

other fonts with this technic

the way as user is I write text ABCD color this and change the font to Hilftsbereit.ttf.

How I can do this . other example the flagg of a country U:S. France Netherland or what ever. all colors must be on the right place. the font itself is NOT A COLORFONT

TIA Dean

Hello, if I understand your question correctly, you want to create a composable font (keyword: layered font).

The triangle outside, the triangle inside and the exclamation mark and question mark must be in exactly the right positions.

Then you can assign the individual black letters with red, white and black color in a graphics program or layout program. Here, too, the parts must be placed exactly on top of each other for it to work.

See picture.

Urs 100 points to you.
you have understand me right.
some times is difficult to explain what I need…

how is the workflow in FS when possible.

are fiducial marks useful?

if you know the time when printers needed films

TIA Dean.

Passermarken helfen hier nichts :slight_smile:

I would be easer for me and you too, if we can talk in German. Perhabs you can come to the forum of and ask there in german again? I’m “draupnir” in this forum.

I like to write in here a small summery after we find a solution.

Grüße, Jens.

Andere Möglichkeit, wir schreiben als PM in deutsch und das ergebnis hier in english

Other possibility, we write as PM in german and the result here in english