Color issues with some glyphs when recoloring in Illustrator


Hi there,

I designed my bitmap font in Photoshop. If I use it in Illustrator(I rasterize and then edit to recolor) some of my glyphs has a different color even though I recolor the rasterized text as a whole. Has anyone perhaps come across this issue?

Here is the recolored text in Illustrator, note the color differences in some glyphs, it happens on the same glyphs:


This change in color is not visible when I type with the bitmap font in Illustrator, before recoloring.


Hey Ria, could you send us the font file, the original AI file using the font, as well as the recolored AI file to so we can try to investigate? Thanks


Thank you Franz, while getting the documents ready to send to you, I figured it out! Some of my glyphs were not pure black when I created them, instead just a slightly different value than black and that’s what caused the difference in color when I tried to recolor them in AI. Lesson learned :roll_eyes: