Color Mode / Profile



we are working on a color font with fontself.

Between version 2 and 3 of Fontself, there are some color differences of some glyphs. I dont know why.
The glyphs we did in version 2 are more like RGB and in version 3 darker and more at the CMYK colors.
In Illustrator, all colors are in CMYK and the color mode is also CMYK.

What is the better way to create a color font in Illustrator? In RGB mode oder is it possible in CMYK mode?
Does Fontself convert the colors to its own color profile?

Thank you!



Nothing changed regarding the way Fontself encodes color fonts, OpenType-SVG only supports RGB sources, whatever the original source, and no color profile is stored.

Any chance your colors were initially in RGB and then converted to CMYK before importing in Fontself?


I’ve checkt the old files. They were always in CMYK.
Maybe its a color profile thing in Illustrator.

Thank you!

Best Sascha


There is a bug in CC 2018 with CMYK color bitmap fonts ( ), so while probably not related it might be worth checking your font sources, and if they are identical, try again in CC 2019 when it goes live to check whether the issue is still around.


Hmm, I not sure.
I fixed it now, by making a new clean version and importing the metrics and kernings of the old one.
Now it seems to be working.