Create Icon font?... template or tutorial

Hi!.. just a fontself newbie. I’m working as a UX/UI designer, but each project I face, I’ve to design and create tons of custom icons/glyphs. I used to use IcoMoon app to create web fonts, so front end developers could use them easier than manage svg images. That’s why I think fontself simplicity was the best election.

Now, I’ve been looking for some icon creation video tutorial, but I haven’t find one. Sure create icons or glyphs is similar to the font creation process, but I wish a specified tutorial or template for them, as they use to be square in nature, and suppose different in space managing.

So… anyone could give me an advice or better a link to some tutorial or template?

Thanks in advance
Edu Couchez

I’ve created a few icon or “symbol fonts” with fontself. I use the default template that comes with Fontself and it works out quite nicely.

As you can see, I sized the symbols appropriately for the template and then all works well thereafter once you create the font.

You can see full previews of how these ended up here:

Note, that being said, you might want to look into Font Awesome 5 which has an incredible free version with thousands of icons but if you do need very custom icons, then perhaps going this route would be worthwhile.

~ Danny


Thanks a lot danomatic!