Cyrillic ligatures

Hi, I bought the software yesterday and start working on my first font right away. Made a handwriting font - the faster way to just test - and when I exported I met with the “Not a valid font” error. Started searching for a solution - after trying everything I thought it’s from my font itself (just to say that I made a font with Western, Greek and Cyrillic characters) and started deleting glyphs. The moment I deleted all Cyrillic ligatures - voila the font works.

There is no real question here - just sharing my experience - but if support has some thoughts about this I’ll be happy to hear it.

Have a nice day all of you.

Hi thanks for the feedback, we have indeed recently identified an issue when assigning kerning or ligatures to Cyrillic characters. This will deserve extra research & development to fix, will keep you posted when we start working on it and have a fix to test.

Hi, we have a new update of the template with more detailed instructions and support for basic Cyrillic, how does it look to you?

​If it works fine we will add it to the next update of Fontself :slight_smile:

Hello franz,

good news, thanks for the new template. I noticed two empty object (A) and (B) in the layer “selectable cahracters”, see screeshot.

Greetings J.

Thanks a lot, just edited this & also activated the artwork layer (it was hidden and I struggled to put some shapes in there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). The link above has been updated to the new file.

Now how about pointing to this template directly from the main screen in the next release?

Hello Franz
in GUIDES as a small empty text, that could be deleted.

in SELECTABLE CHARACTERS are all glyphs paths instead of letters, which could be copy to use them. I think copy from here is important.

I would make separated groups or subgroups for latin and cyrillic letters in the next layers :wink:

Best regards

Oops, just fixed and updated the link above (also added Ѐѐ as part of the basic characters, and renamed the layers to fit Latin & Cyrillic sets).

Hello Franz,
for me the template is perfect.

Greetings, Jens.

Almost… just had a couple glitches on the lowercase Cyrillic due to the previous edit. Now all set :slight_smile:


btw: is there any one at Fontself, who can read and write German?

Nope, French or English only (but we can use Google Translate when needed… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

guess, what I use for longer texts from german to …

by the way, do you know Often the translation is better than google, but don’t tell them :-))

ok Im not from Fontself however my native language is German and I unterstand English

Jens, Google is now better than the last years. when you have a google translate plugin installed, Google try to translate your German text again and the result is not what you expect. Deepl is really good and when you have Grammarly installed you are perfect,too. here the German translation. could be when you read the German text google translate this again. the reason is. you work with a German browser an you are actually on an English webpage.

ok Ich bin nicht von Fontself, aber meine Muttersprache ist Deutsch und ich verstehe Englisch

Jens, Google ist jetzt besser als in den letzten Jahren. Wenn Sie ein Google Übersetzer-Plugin installiert haben, versuchen Sie erneut, Ihren deutschen Text zu übersetzen. Das Ergebnis entspricht nicht Ihren Erwartungen. Deepl ist wirklich gut und wenn Sie Grammatik installiert haben, sind Sie auch perfekt.

as picture the German text.

Jens one tip. try to search in russian language,too DeepL have Russian language ,too

cyrillic ligatures -> кириллические лигатуры than trans late back the Russian text back to German or English