Cyrillic showing as uppercase

Hey everyone,

First post here so apologies if this has been covered but I couldn’t find it in any of the posts.

I’ve been making a font with latin and cyrillic characters. I’ve used the amazing font template to copy the live characters and batch make them, however, I ran into a little issue. As it’s a headline font I’ve kept it all as lowercase letters so they fallback to uppercase when necessary. When adding in the cyrillic lowercase both lower and upper cases are actually are categorised into uppercase in fontself. This bypasses the fallback option.

As a solution I have gone back and turned all characters to uppercase so they now can fallback to lower but it may cause issues down the line.

P.s. I love this plug-in and really appreciate this community!

Hello and welcome to this forum.

Which version of Illustrator and Fontself do you use? And do you use them in macOS or Windows?

Best regards, Jens.

Thanks, Jens.

I’m using 3.5.6 (61e29) in illustrator 25.3.1 on mac

ok thanks, I will try it my self and will report in here.

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Hello, I have not been able to understand your problem. But I have named all the letters of my small example directly in the “layers” with the correct names. Please try this out and see if it solves your problem. Screenshot, AI file and mini font “ATest” attached.
Jens (212.3 KB)

Thanks, Jens. Perhaps I was explaining it a little wrong.

So in Fontself it reads cyrillic uppsercase and lowercase both as uppercase (The latin still separates into upper and lower):

Is this clear or am i being a n00b?

Here’s what I mean: all are labelled uppercase

ok. I see the problem in Fontself, just a miscalculation. I will report it.

But the font is after all correct. I can type А Б and а б - I will get this letters in my new font.

Thanks, Jens. Yep I think it’s just in Fontself. And only really is an issue when there’s only one case and that affects having a fallback case. In my example, I had made all lowercase latin and cyrillic but it was showing as lowercase latin, upper cyrillic = no fallback to the other.

Ok. I see. I will report it as well.

You can create the complete cyrillic font by using “DejaVu Sans” for example. It’s free to so. (Open Font licence, see )

I have also tried the complete way and it works.

  1. copy the text line from the template (small letters).
  2. put the text line into the field in Fontself.
  3. select the line with the designed small letters.
  4. click on “Create … Glyphs” in Fontself.

Then you get the 33 small letters.
The procedure is the same for the capital letters.

The keys “A-Z” and “a-z” are only for Latin letters.

Hi, there is indeed an issue regarding the categorization of Cyrillic into uppercase letters, and that could explain the case switching issue as well. This is not something we may fix anytime soon as we are facing other challenges, so the only way forward is to create all cases as you did. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks, Franz. I assumed it would have been noted but thought I’d post just in case.