Does Fontself for Photoshop keep the brush details?

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I have been using Fontself for illustrator and I am loving it so far.

I am planning to get my Adobe Photoshop Fontself Version as I am planning to make brush fonts exported directly from Procreate, then Photoshop and then eventually exported as a font that keeps the details of the font?

I am going to upload a screenshot of what I am referring to above… Can I reach a result like the following examples?

Also, does Adobe Photoshop Fontself version exports .otf and svg versions?

I’ve run two tests for you.

In Photoshop

( A ) With a brush and the colour black …
( B ) I painted three letters. Each letter on its own layer and each layer has the name of the letter.
( C ) Then I selected the three letters together and dragged them into the Fontself Marker window.
( D ) There they appear as part of a “Bitmap Font”. All colours, here greyscales, from drawn letters are included.

In Illustrator

( 1 ) I saved the letter “A” as a psd file and imported it into Adobe Illustrator.
( 2 ) Then I called up the tracing (vectorising). I selected the “greyscale” mode because the image only contains greyscales.
( 3 ) I reduced the number of greyscales from 50 % to 25 %.
( 4 ) This gives me a number of 194 paths. (The maximum limit in Fontself AI is 1000 paths per letter).

( 5 ) I dragged the converted image into Fontself.
( 6 ) And get a “colour font” through the greyscales, there are 75 different greyscales here.
I saved this as a font, this is a colour vector font.

Note: My brush created greyscales as well as black strokes. Therefore it is an extreme example. If you use a brush that only creates black strokes, then it works very well with Illustrator and you get a monochrome vector font. Since you have Fontself for Illustrator, you can test it yourself.

Good luck,
– j.

P. S. All files are included in the ZIP-Archiv: (5.1 MB)

Hello Jen,

Thank you for taking the time to make me a demo on how I should proceed.

I have followed exactly your steps, but it still did not keep the details as seen in the attached image.

The big question is: If I buy the Fontself for Adobe Photoshop, will be able to keep/achieve the following details to 100%?

Thank you!

Yes, you will. BUT the font from Photoshop is BITMAP not vector.

Have a good weekend,
– j.

Fantastic news! Can I also export the font as an.oft .ttf etc…?

.otf as bitmap-font. You can find an example in my zip-archiv above.

Lovely! How about an .oft as svg files? You know bitmaps don’t tend to have the smoothness as in .svg files?

As I wrote:
Fontself in Photoshop creates .otf as bitmap font and can also create vector fonts from paths(!).
Fontself in Illustrator creates .otf as vector fonts.

the best tracer I know is Vector Magic