Does Fontself for Photoshop keep the brush details?

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I have been using Fontself for illustrator and I am loving it so far.

I am planning to get my Adobe Photoshop Fontself Version as I am planning to make brush fonts exported directly from Procreate, then Photoshop and then eventually exported as a font that keeps the details of the font?

I am going to upload a screenshot of what I am referring to above… Can I reach a result like the following examples?

Also, does Adobe Photoshop Fontself version exports .otf and svg versions?

I’ve run two tests for you.

In Photoshop

( A ) With a brush and the colour black …
( B ) I painted three letters. Each letter on its own layer and each layer has the name of the letter.
( C ) Then I selected the three letters together and dragged them into the Fontself Marker window.
( D ) There they appear as part of a “Bitmap Font”. All colours, here greyscales, from drawn letters are included.

In Illustrator

( 1 ) I saved the letter “A” as a psd file and imported it into Adobe Illustrator.
( 2 ) Then I called up the tracing (vectorising). I selected the “greyscale” mode because the image only contains greyscales.
( 3 ) I reduced the number of greyscales from 50 % to 25 %.
( 4 ) This gives me a number of 194 paths. (The maximum limit in Fontself AI is 1000 paths per letter).

( 5 ) I dragged the converted image into Fontself.
( 6 ) And get a “colour font” through the greyscales, there are 75 different greyscales here.
I saved this as a font, this is a colour vector font.

Note: My brush created greyscales as well as black strokes. Therefore it is an extreme example. If you use a brush that only creates black strokes, then it works very well with Illustrator and you get a monochrome vector font. Since you have Fontself for Illustrator, you can test it yourself.

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P. S. All files are included in the ZIP-Archiv: (5.1 MB)

Hello Jen,

Thank you for taking the time to make me a demo on how I should proceed.

I have followed exactly your steps, but it still did not keep the details as seen in the attached image.

The big question is: If I buy the Fontself for Adobe Photoshop, will be able to keep/achieve the following details to 100%?

Thank you!

Yes, you will. BUT the font from Photoshop is BITMAP not vector.

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– j.

Fantastic news! Can I also export the font as an.oft .ttf etc…?

.otf as bitmap-font. You can find an example in my zip-archiv above.

Lovely! How about an .oft as svg files? You know bitmaps don’t tend to have the smoothness as in .svg files?

As I wrote:
Fontself in Photoshop creates .otf as bitmap font and can also create vector fonts from paths(!).
Fontself in Illustrator creates .otf as vector fonts.

the best tracer I know is Vector Magic

I am happy with the vectorisation tool in Illustrator. Unfortunately, you have to know a few tricks to get good results.
The problem with brush strokes from Photoshop are the many grey tones that should be preserved. This is where Illustrator gets into trouble and the resulting vector objects have far too many paths and points for Fontself. That’s why I think you can only solve this sensibly as a bitmap font.

Here is a screenshot with Vector Magic (online tool, see