Edit existing fonts

I have an existing ttf-font (from another author) which lacks German ‘Umlaute’ (ÄÖÜ). At first I thought I could bring it into fontself and add these characters manually. However, I cannot open the ttf-file. Is it because it’s a ttf or is it because it has some kind of copyright-bit set?
Of course, I could write some text in illustrator, expand the objects, regroup and create a whole new font. But I would also have to set all the characters, the spacing, the kerning,… I’d rather spend my time on more creative processes. :slight_smile:
How would you approach this task?
Thanks and have a nice day! Patrick

Hi Patrick, at the moment Fontself does not open fonts created from other editors, for both technical and philosophical reasons. We first want to ensure that 1/ you will be notified of all the technical implications of editing a font that could potentially contain many extra features (hinting, etc.) but also that 2/ you gets a better understanding of all the other implications.

So definitely something we hope to ship one day, but only once we’ve found a way to solve these points in a way that matches our standards in terms of ease of use, functionality and insightfulness …