Exporting bitmap font as pdf from indesign problem


I’ve created a bitmap font in photoshop which I am using in Indesign. The font works great in the programme but when I output a PDF it is not showing up on different computers ie, I can see it fine on mine but if I email to a colleague the font is defaulting. How can I guarantee the font will print correctly when I send this to the printers please?
Thanks in advance!


As far as I’m aware Indesign is not officially supported, it might work, but you will run into issues when exporting as pdf as the font is rgb not cmyk.

One solution, and you might not like it, is to create the type in photoshop (on transparent background) export those, and import into indesign—not ideal but depends on how much text you have.

Hope that helps


So a couple points: first, InDesign CC 2019 is officially supporting color fonts while CC 2018 had buggy support, so first update it if you haven’t and reexport the PDF.

And while we haven’t done much tests across various computers and OSes, mind that only MacOS Mojave and very recent versions of Windows 10 support color fonts natively.


Good to know that InDesign CC 2019 is officially supporting OpenType-SVG bitmap, need to update my documentation.


Thanks for your help - I am running the latest InDesign but I haven’t upgraded my system to Mojave yet. I’ll do that now and see if it helps! Thank you!


Hi all,
Mojave crashed my mac and I spent 3 hours trying to get the system back to High Sierra. It’s not been a good day!
I am so confused as to how to use this font effectively now. If I can’t export a PDF from Indesign then it renders the font unusable surely?
Sorry - I feel lost!


@KerryO Could you send to hello@fontself.com the OTF, Indesign file and the exported PDF to check the issue?