Exporting file application hangs



I have created my first font and as a test I added a gaussian blur effect to each letter. The characters imported sucessfully into Fontself but when I try to export (save), the application just hangs and the wheel continually spins around and does nothing else.

I have restarted the Fontself application and Illustrator, but the same thing occurs. Is it because I am using an effect on the characters? Any help or hint would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, so the blur in Photoshop should have no impact on the characters as they remain bitmap data, and while OpenType-SVG does not support effects like blur, Illustrator should import the underlying vector artwork just fine. So please send your source file to hello@fontself.com so we can check what have gone wrong.

Please also send the zip file that you will find on your Desktop after clicking on “Send Logs” from the top right menu?