First handscript font

Just completed my first handscript font ‘Mythshire’. I’ve always been fascinated by the character and elegance of old handwriting and the mythical nature of it. Combine that with my love for all things fantasy/medieval and this was definitely something I enjoyed working on.

If you want to know more, or get your hands on it, it s over on CreativeMarket Hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Beautiful… I love the “h”… it gives distinctive feature to the font… congrats!

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Very nice. I especially the nice inky feeling of an overloaded pen in places.

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I love the way this font creates the illusion of an old ink pen or quill (As a calligrapher I appreciate this font more than you know)

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Thank you so much my friend. There’s so much I’d like to improve on this the more I look at it, but such is the nature of creative things!

Thank you so much! As someone that certainly wouldn’t call themselves a calligrapher, your words of praise are appreciated more than you know! :smiley: