First typeface first problems

Hi !

I created a SVG Font and I made my first testing in PS CC 2018 on an iMac.

I created alternates of some letters like - and I can see them in Fontself.

When I use the font in PS I can´t get these Alternates - and I see that in the panel “Type” - the subdivision “OpenType” isn´t available - like my font isn´t a SVG Font !
I read here on the forum that PS CC 2018 can´t show the alternates … but I can see them from a “normal” OpenType Font which I bought - so why can I see this alternates but not mine ?

What did I wrong … ?!


Hi, PS CC 2018 has some type-related bugs, you should install an updated version of CC 2020 to try if this fixes these issues.