Font creation template


As a blank canvas is not always the best way to quickstart a project, many asked for a basic font template, while others wondered which accents and punctuation signs might be needed.

We have several ideas to ease and customize the whole process of picking and using custom templates, but until we ship other core features, we will simply embed a single template file in the extension. Here’s a preview of this Illustrator template, so please have a look and let us know whether this is valuable to you or if you have other suggestions. (1005.0 KB) [Updated in July with v1.001]


Hi Franz,

my first look lets me suppose, that the “Artboard 3 copy” wasn’t really meant to exist in the final version!?! :wink:

Friendly greetz


Hey Franz,
This is awesome. I’ve felt aimless with how to organize my files and whatnot. I’ve wanted a system. Thanks so much. this is great!


That’s the starting point I’ve been looking for / trying to find time to build myself… Thanks Franz!


Thanks @Hybi glad someone noticed this Easter egg :wink:


@badspark and @mark_allsebrook it will be very useful to understand how this template actually serves your specific needs after a while. Looking forward to hear back from you once you’ve used it on your projects.

PS: hope the new Smart Batch feature will help you too when importing the name of all these new glyphs:


Really nice addition. Thanks for that.

The only issue I have is that the accents etc should perhaps have additional line with the same accented characters which can be then copied into the glyph field id. When you have a ‘û’ say… you have to copy that into the id for the glyph and though you may have created the ‘û’ character in Illustrator (that clearly isn’t û as an actual character until it is associated with the glyph / font) and unless you remember the codes to generate the hidden ‘û’ character (I never recall them) it means that you will have to keep moving the design from the template and then unlock the template and copy that character and then paste it into the glyph id …

perhaps I am just making hard work for myself.

Or perhaps now we have that general run of accents and extras and punctuation, perhaps you could add a drop zone for that entire batch of designs so now we could select all those characters in the template order and drag them into a new drag zone

(or perhaps set up unique sets of drag zones so if I want a drag zone for A-F or a drag zone for all icelandic characters or spanish characters in the font)


this is great.

i made similar template like this for my use, when i bought FontSelf (in 2016) …

… and there still is:


Thanks @graphicxtras and @Dejan_S for the additional insights, we’ve done an additional iteration on the template to include the smaller characters that you can more conveniently see & copy/paste. (1005.0 KB) [Updated in July with v1.001]

Due to the number of use cases (custom accent sets for different languages) we’ll probably not yet develop a custom Batch feature, but on the long run we agree that having a simpler flow between the exact set of characters you need and a faster import will make sense :wink:


Love it! Much appreciated.


Is there a template for Photoshop?, I do not have illustrator.
Thank you


Just found the file in the extension. Thanks


Cool, yes it’s best to get the latest template from within the top right menu drawer:


Hi there - does anyone here offer a service to create a font if we supply the characters? Upper and lower with numbers and limited amount of other characters (commas, etc). We’re just looking for a quote at the mo? Any takers?