Font looks great in AI but "gloppy" in pdf

The font I made looks awesome in Adobe Illustrator. I’m really happy with it! But when I make a pdf of the file I created including my font in AI, the font looks “gloppy,” like I made it with a paintbrush that had glops of paint on it instead of the nice, even strokes I saw on AI. Does anyone know what’s going on? Help appreciated, thank you!

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Hello Kellytinpg, welcome to this forum.
Do you have some more information and/or a screenshot? In which program did you make the pdf-file, which OS, is the font black or coloured?

Looking forward to your answer.

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Sounds like OpenType-SVG issues, there are tricks that might solve the problem:


I’ve tried this proposed PDF export solution several times and I still can’t get it to work. My font looks fine printing out of InDesign, but the conversion in the PDF export (text to outlines) doesn’t solve the problem. Still “gloppy”—which is a perfect description. I plan to use my hand-drawn fonts for my children’s books, but I can’t send a PDF to a publisher that won’t print properly on their end (as a PDF). The only work-around I’ve found is to convert all text to outlines in the InDesign file (BEFORE export to PDF) and save that ID file as a throw-away file (since I can’t make text edits with outlined text). A bit time-consuming, and not ideal. But, that’s the only way I can get the fonts to print properly in PDF.

Do you can show us a screenshot?
Is it a color font which do you use?

Instead of pdf you can export from InDesign EPS and then put the EPS-files in a PDF-File together.