Font loses visibility and saturation in CMYK mode

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I’m having an issue with my created Font and CMYK mode. I created a font specifically designed for card and boardgame related text and quicker icon implementation, they look great in RGB but when using the characters in CMYK they lose visibility and saturation. (See example).

I’ve re-uploaded them as PNG’s in CMYK mode, the originals look fine as you can also see in the example, but when I apply them in text form this issue occurs. Does anyone an idea on how to solve this? I’d highly appreciate it.

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The color font format OpenType-SVG does not support CMYK colors - only RGB - so in such case there isn’t much you can do for now besides picking RGB colors that will match after CMYK conversion.

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That is oftentimes, not possible. The gamut of RGB is so much wider than CMYK that you frequently see muting occur on very vibrant colors. I had the same thing happen on my first foray into this product and it was with Neon Orange letters. Luckily, I was using them in Photoshop anyway, so I was able to apply an Adjustment Layer to them after setting the type.

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Hi Franz, can you elaborate on how to narrow down to CMYK colors from within Illustrator?