Font not working?


I’m just after some help trying to get a font I’ve made to work. It’s a stencil font and has all been drawn in Illustrator and then dragged across into Fontself.

When I then install and then try to use the font it just doesn’t work? All I get is Rectangles with a cross through. Screen grab attached which illustrates this. In the glyphs folder it all seems to be there but just won’t type out? Please help!

Is there anything I’m doing wrong or can do to get it to work?

Many thanks

what I see: the character names are not assigned.
You should have done this at importing the glyphs.
You can cath up this by clicking into the rectangles an type the richt character.

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Hi Hybi,

Many thanks for your help. Really appreciate it. Got it working now.

Al the best

You’re welcome :smiley:

I’d suggest you to have a look at this pages:

Especially, when you’re planning to make more than this one font.

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