Font Off center

I created a font, that I am using with Watch Face Studios. To create WearOS watch faces.

The font I created, the 4, because the way it is designed, looks off center.

Is there a way to adjust the center point of a glyph, so that I can make the 4 look center?

I tried adjusting the space on left and right of the glyph. But it doesn’t seem to make a difference in use.

The left/right side bearing should impact its position, so check that you have the newer font version (and not an older version store in some memory cache).


I believe this is an issue with Watch Face Studios after investigating the issue. In Watch Face Studio, in the watch view of the program, the 4 is center. Only when I run on device, does the 4 look of center. So it’s something Watch Face Studio is doing, when it runs on my device, or creates the application file.

So there’s nothing anyone on Fontself can do to help. Thanks tho.